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Timemore Slim

Timemore Slim

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  • Capacity 20g beans
  • Size 16cm x 4,2cm - with handle 15.5cm
  • Lightweight ca 4426g
  • Grinders approx 1g / second
  • Stainless steel conical burrs
  • CNC steel burrs same as Chestnut G1
  • Point to point coarseness adjustment


Setting it up... Using the stepped adjustment you'll be able to set up the grinder easily for your perfect grind.

First, tighten the grind adjustment all the way down to find the zero point, from there you just count how many clicks it is to your desired coarseness.

To give you a guide, it's 6-12 clicks for fine grind, 13-24 for medium and if you like coarser coffee try 24 plus clicks.


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