Brunch Menu





We serve only organic free range eggs and olive oil of our own production!
(V) - Vegeterian  / (V.O)- Vegeterian Option
1.(V.O) Ham & Cheese (Loaf Bread)

Aged cheddar cheese, prosciutto cotto, mascarpone cheese


2.(V.O) Scrambled Eggs (Bun Bread)

Coppa di Parma, marjoram, Onetik Tomme de Pyreness cheese served with green salad on the side

3.Pulled Pork sandwich (Bun Bread)

Pulled pork marinated with espresso-chili BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, mango, iceberg, coriander slaw salad, Japanese pickles and our homemade sauce of avocado, yogurt and turmeric. Served with green salad on the side
4.Crispy Chicken Sandwich (Loaf Bread) 


Fried chicken pane with marinated florin peppers and carob-tahini-mint sauce, served with rucola salad

5.(V)Vegan Burger (Bun Bread)


Lentils and mushroom burger with tomatoes, iceberg and carob-tahini-mint sauce 

6.Chicken Piadina


With mushroom, aged cheddar cheese, bell peppers, mushroom oil served in tortilla pitta and topped with sour cream


 7.(V) Avocado Zucchini




Poached egg open sandwich, with avocado, zucchini, almonds ,parmesan, marjoram, lemon juice, maple syrup, served on Vienna bread



8.(V) Burrata strawberry salad


Rucola with burrata cheese, strawberries, dry goji berries, walnuts, coconut flakes and pomegranate sauce 

9.(V) French Omelet




Omelet with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, basil sauce. Served with rucola salad on the side


10.Smoked salmon with poached eggs


Two english muffins, poached eggs and smoked salmon with avocado, tomato, mozzarella cheese, mascarpone, served with hollandaise sauce on top


11.The Bacon Pancake



Bacon, maple syrup, spinach, hazelnuts topped with a fried egg

12.Chicky Pancake


Savory pancake with chicken, prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, walnuts, pickled artichoke, rucola, parmesan and basil pesto


Nutty pancake 



Mixed nuts, raspberries and honey

Chocolate pancake



Pramano chocolate with:

  • seasonal fruits
  • biscuits and hazelnuts




Power balls (Hazelnut (V) /Peach) 

1.5€ per piece

Energy Bar , Vegan Bar (V)

2.5€ per piece

Choco Walnut Cookie

2.4€ per piece

Carrot Cake 

3.5€ per piece

Basque "Burnt" Cheesecake

3€ per piece

Matcha Cake

2.6€ per piece




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