Brunch Menu


We serve only organic free range eggs and olive oil of our own production!
1.Daily Club Sandwich (Wholegrain Loaf Bread) – €5,00
Aged cheddar cheese, chicken fillet, crispy bacon, red   bell pepper with sour cream 
2.Ham & Cheese (Loaf Bread) – €4,00
Aged cheddar cheese, prosciutto cotto and mascarpone cheese

3.Scrambled Eggs (Bun Bread)-€7.50

Coppa di Parma, marjoram, Onetik Iberico cheese.Served with green salad


4.Pulled Pork sandwich (Bun Bread)- €8.50

Marinated with espresso-BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese,   mango, iceberg, coriander slaw salad, Japanese pickles   and our homemade sauce of avocado, yoghurt and   turmeric. Served with green salad.

5.Vegan wrap (wholegrain tortilla pitta)-€5.00
Avocado, tomato, cucumber, iceberg and red pepper   hummus spread
6.Avo Zucchini(Vienna bread) – €7,50

Poached eggs open sandwich, avocado, zucchini, almonds, parmesan, marjoram, lemon juice, maple syrup


7.French Omelet - €6,50

Omelet with cheddar, mozzarella cheese and basil pesto sauce. Served with rucola salad.

8.Smoked salmon with poached eggs - €9,50

English muffins, poached eggs and smoked salmon with avocado, tomato, mozzarella, mascarpone, served with hollandaise sauce

9.Nutty pancake - €8,00

 Mixed nuts, hazelnut butter dried raspberries and honey

10.Chocolate pancake- €8,00

Mixed nutshazelnut butter dried raspberries and honey.



11.Bougatsa pancake - € 8,00
Patisserie cream, cinnamon, honey and icing sugar.




1.Vegan Burger (Bun Bread)

Vegan burger in a bun with tomato, pickles, BBQ sauce, iceberg, mango and coriander. Served with salad.

€ 10,50

2.Caprese Chicken

Chicken filet in layers with tomato, pesto and mozzarella cheese. Served with quinoa and vegetable salad.

€ 11,50

3.Salmon orange fillet

Orange marinated salmon fillet with cous-cous. Served with salad of iceberg, mango, coriander and sour cherry sauce.

€ 15,00

4.The Canelloni

Pork minced meat with bechamel, wrapped in homemade crepes. Served with yoghurt and salad.

€ 9,50

5.Salmon Salad

Smoked salmon fillet, mixed salad, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, mascarpone cheese with sour cherry balsamic glaze.

€ 8,00

6.Nutty salad

Dried aloe vera, spinach salad, mixed nuts(walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachio, pine nuts), grilled artichoke with pomegranate vinaigrette 

€ 8,00




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