Our Story


A passion that continues to grow. It is strange how coffee can just drag you into its secrets and adventures. What started as a temp job at a time, grew into a great passion, that is still growing and not just within one person anymore. It has being growing since 2014 when the first specialty coffee roaster opened its door in Cyprus by Aris Christoforou. From the first day the ‘goal’ was to present the specialty coffee in Cyprus and since then continues to keep the team of The Daily Roast passionate and doing wonders.  

A team of passionate baristas on a mission. It wasn’t that difficult for the ‘customers’ to convert to specialty coffee. It was like discovering coffee again for the first time. Since then it's like a community that keeps growing and bonding. The Daily Roast was never just about coffee, we always had the belief that coffee is about connecting people. In our place friendships were made between customers and us and this is far more important than anything else.

In that sense, even though coffee quality is of high priority, we don’t only focus on coffee grade score. A lot of the coffees we get is by producers we have being working with for years. This producers do amazing work at the farms and they are responsible for the great cups of coffee that we taste throughout the years. Sometimes though, difficulties beyond their power such as weather etc can affect their crops. Their coffee is still great but maybe not as high scored as previous years. But you know what, they help us become who we are today so from our side we will continue to support them no matter what. Because the only way for specialty coffee to continue growing and exceling is having good foundations, support from all of us and a form of community among us.

We think of The Daily Roast as a brick on a huge wall that keeps growing and each one of those bricks are equivalent important.