Christmas Blend, 350g

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Celebrate this holidays with something special this year. Our new blend will be a limited edition for this year's holidays, combining an El Salvador and a Nicaragua coffee. 


The El Salvador coffee comes for the region of Villa Galicia which has an excellent terroir with clay and volcanic soils and often awarded with the Cup of Excellence award. The producer of this coffee is Mauricio Salaverria with high level of expertise in different varieties and processes. In this coffee he used the natural pineapple process, created by him, inspired by different types of fermentation in a brewery. 

The Nicaraguan coffee comes from the Sajonia Estate cooperative in the Matagalpa region. Manfred Guenke, manager of this coop since 2016 is the third generation of organic coffee producers and he brings this new vision of agricultural practises to Sajonia. The prestigious region of Nuevo Segovia is renowned for its coffee production. It is located north of Lake Malagua, at an altitude ranging from 1000 to 1600 meters. The most famous plantations in the country are found in this region of lush nature and where coffee trees grow under permanent shade.




Flavor Profile: Cherry, Liqueur , Dark Chocolate
Acidity: Medium
Body:  Medium
Villa Galicia, Nuevo Segovia
Red Burbon , Caturra
Altitude: 1550 - 1600 m
Process: Pineapple Natural, Washed